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    Dads Not Remembering The Names Of Their Kids' Friends Is Apparently A Trend

    Oh, dads.

    I love my dad dearly. He provides me with endless support, life advice, and delicious pasta. Mark, you're a damn rockstar!

    But he has one glaring flaw... He can't remember my friends' names to save his life.

    Sure, he knows a few of the staples, like my best friend who lived down the street when I was growing up or my two closest friends from college.

    But if he's met you under 15 times, chances are he has no clue what your name is.

    You're probably referred to as "the blonde one," or "the blonde one with the cat" if I ask him to be specific.

    Or maybe you're lucky enough to be dubbed "the tall girl that used to come over a lot."

    Apparently I'm not the only one with this father problem (not to be confused with a daddy issue — that's a whole other post lol). The rest of the internet seems to have it too:

    my dad whenever i bring up a friend i’ve had for years

    My dad doesn't remember any of my friends' names but he's asking what our class of 2012 valedictorian Robert is doing these days

    my dad doesn’t ever remember any of my friends names so he just calls them by their addresses

    My dad doesn't know any of my friends names properly so he just calls them all fi and hopes for the best

    do all dads do the thing where they can never remember your friends’ names or is mine just extra ignant

    My dad doesn’t know any of my friends names (none literally none) but he does know Glee actors and their character names on sight. The poor man is broken.

    my dad just sat down next to me at the table and asked “so what did your one friend do for thanksgiving?” ?????? he doesn’t know any of my friends names smh

    My dad doesn’t want me to go on trips with my friends he doesn’t know well. BUT SIR, you don’t even know the names of my best friends for the past 10 years. Do you see the DILEMMA???

    My dad still doesn't know the names of my friends that I've been friends with since 1st grade 🙄

    my dad doesn't know all my friends' names so apparently while I was gone the sixth sense guy, the director, and the bully stopped by.

    Dads, why can't you remember our friends' names? Is this a medical issue we should be concerned about, or do you just not care? Let us know so we can take the proper measures!