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    19 Photos Americans Will Be Confused By, But British People Will Feel Deeply In Their Souls

    Never turn right on red in England.

    1. This traffic situation:

    2. This movie theater reaction:

    3. This commentary on "right on red":

    4. This restaurant name:

    5. This bizarre food display:

    6. This photo of the Big Ben under construction:

    7. This sign that's apparently not insulting:

    8. This Postmates delivery:

    9. This penguin with a rubber glove on its head:

    10. This Spanish Inquisition doodle:

    11. This graph about getting the front seat on the top of a double decker bus:

    12. These "tits" and "peckers" bathroom signs:

    13. This anger toward potholes:

    14. This scene from Hot Fuzz:

    15. This joke about taking the bus:

    16. This excitement over a Rick Astley video:

    17. This shade toward American food:

    18. These soap brands:

    19. And finally, this subpar cup of tea:

    H/T: r/CasualUK