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19 Brain-Scrambling Photos That'll Make You Think About Things That Never Crossed Your Mind Before

I can't say I've ever once thought about anything in these photos.

Whenever I'm feeling jaded by the mundanity of life, I turn to r/mildlyinteresting in hopes that I'll set my eyes on something I've never seen before. The subreddit really pulled through this month, especially with these 19 photos:

1. "I cleaned my leather couch and the cattle brand showed through."

A worn couch cushion with an imprint resembling a cattle brand

2. "My mom accidentally baked her iPad in the oven."

A cracked tablet screen with a heartlike pattern and two glowing spots resembling eyes

3. "Only my right arm is allergic to my wristwatch."

Close-up of a person's arms with one showing a red band and another just raised bumps

4. "This restaurant has their salt and pepper in pill form."

Two paper cups on a counter labeled in French, one with salt capsules and the other with pepper capsules

5. "This lumber mill puts the cost of the heavy equipment on the door to encourage safer and more conservative operation."

Price tag of $742,500 displayed on a construction vehicle's window

6. "I purchased an antique stoneware jug, and there was a mummified animal inside."

A mummified small animal next to a ceramic jug on a wooden surface

7. "My granddad's cigarette dispenser, which is 100 years old. It still works."

A small wooden dog's face peeks out of a small wooden house, holding a tiny cigarette in its mouth

8. "How my dad adjusts his clock for daylight saving time."

Grandfather clock with a note saying "+1" indicating a time change reminder

9. "A muskrat swam up my ice fishing hole to get a breath of air."

Small rodent seen through an ice fishing hole, pulling on a fishing line with human onlookers

10. "This hummingbird in a state of low metabolism called torpor, which helps conserve energy."

A hummingbird hanging upside down from a feeder against a backdrop of trees

11. "Today I found a rock on the beach that looks like a sandwich."

A rock on sandy beach with unique natural patterns, resembling slices of bread

12. "My newborn son was born with a heart-shaped thumb."

Close-up of an adult's hand gently holding a newborn baby's tiny hand, with what looks like two fused fingers with the nailbeds resembling a heart

13. "This restaurant gives you a discount if you have well-behaved kids."

Receipt showing a humorous discount labeled "Well Behaved Kids" with a deduction of $6.72

14. "I left a plastic spoon in my pocket when I did laundry."

Person holding a twisted white plastic spoon in their hand

15. "They mixed up the lead on this pencil. It's blue instead of gray."

Pencil with blue lead on a piece of paper with "Blue lead?" written on it

16. "My underlip is missing pigmentation."

Close-up of a person's lips showing a bottom lip with some missing pigmentation on the side and bottom

17. "My husband found a 99-year-old penny still in currency."

Worn 1925 Lincoln penny, showing significant wear and tear with obscured features

18. "This old 'rectal dilation' kit."

Vintage Dr Young's Ideal Rectal Dilators set, looking like butt plugs of various sizes, with box and instructions, intended for treating various ailments, including piles, constipation, and "nervousness"

19. And finally, "A street where workers practice painting lines."

Road with an unusually high number of disorganized yellow traffic lines