17 Confusing Photos That Made My Brain Do Gymnastics, Because I Had No Idea What Was Going On

    Brain broke.

    Not to brag, but it doesn't take a lot to scramble my brain. Wait...I totally just insulted myself.

    ANYWHO, here are 17 photos from Reddit that had me doing mental gymnastics to figure out what was going on:

    1. You better turn your head for this one:

    2. How did the car that left these tracks not hit that sign...:

    3. Light pole or ghost?

    4. This birds-eye view of Buenos Aires after the World Cup final looks like a computer game:

    5. The boats look like they're in the sky 😭.

    6. My brain was warped by this art piece:

    Like what:

    7. Shadows or people?! Or both?!:

    8. Sbartucks is the new Starbucks:

    9. This standalone cane is both confusing and unsettling:

    10. Ever see a bear in a taxi?

    11. You've gotta wonder what prompted this:

    12. What's Bender from Futurama doing in this pond?!

    13. This is a pink fairy armadillo, but it looks more like a Pokémon:

    14. The existence of the PB&J bananadog:

    15. I guess the cocaine toenail is a thing:

    16. This bug ringing a doorbell:

    17. And finally, this one's a classic: