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    For My Own Sanity, These 18 Photos Can't Be Real

    I just keep saying to myself: "This can't be real. This can't be real. This can't be real."

    1. This "poop with friends" option:

    "Poop with friends" written in a portable toilet

    2. And this person who didn't give their coworkers a "poop alone" option:

    A note saying there was a hidden camera in the bathroom

    3. This 3 a.m. sighting that did not occur on Halloween:

    People dressed in costume on the street

    4. This "bean burrito":

    Canned beans in a tortilla

    5. This gravestone from the 1800s:

    A gravestone that says "Large child"

    6. This page that someone found in a notebook they had lent to a friend:

    Numbers on a page

    7. This tree full of eyes:

    Eyes carved into a tree

    8. This cat-owl hybrid:

    A cat in a tree

    9. This passenger who probably massively regrets not wearing a seatbelt:

    A face smudge on the back of a car seat

    10. This horrifying "roundmeal" of beef macaroni:

    A ball of macaroni and beef

    11. This purple kitchen that somehow really ruined my appetite:

    Purple cabinets in a kitchen

    12. This hole-shaped forest entry:

    A circular opening in a forest

    13. This "doodle" that someone's student did:

    Horse written on a sheet of paper that says "donkey" repeatedly

    14. These snakes that were, oh so graciously, dropped off at a Goodwill:

    Snakes on a floor

    15. This salmon recipe:

    "Dishwasher salmon"

    16. This rogue arm hair that's way too many inches long:

    An extra-long arm hair

    17. This receptacle for your baby's body parts:

    A receptacle for a baby's body parts

    18. And finally, this snake that looks like an unpeeled banana:

    A snake around a bowl of bananas

    H/T: r/weird