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    This Is The Woman Responsible For Those Eerily Realistic Cakes That Have Been Flooding The Internet

    Are we all just toppers on one big wedding cake?

    If you don't already have trust issues thanks to a toxic ex, you most likely will after watching a few seconds of this video.

    These desserts disguised as everyday objects are so convincing that they're making the entire internet question what is real and what is...cake.

    The year is 2030. Bakery art is so realistic, literally anything could be cake. The uncertainty has gripped the world in fear. I go to hug my wife for comfort. She is cake.

    The mastermind behind these creations is cake and sugar artist Tuba Geçkil. "I design and create all my own cakes by myself," Tuba told BuzzFeed. Her bakery, Red Rose Cake & Tuba Geçkil, is based out of Istanbul, Turkey.

    Tuba has been in the cake art industry for 12 years. She's taught multiples courses on the subject and has displayed her work in fairs and festivals all around the world.

    At the 2016 IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany, Tuba won four gold medals for her realistic 3D simulating cakes of Angela Merkel, John Lennon, Bob Marley, and Michael Schumacher. This set a record for Turkey.

    "When they called my name in there four times, I cried a lot. It was an amazing moment. I will never forget that moment in my life," she said.

    When asked about her surging internet fame, Tuba said, "I'm so happy and glad everyone knows my work and my dreams came true. People's reactions give me more motivation. I'm so excited to work on more creative things."

    BRB while I restrain myself from taking a knife to every inanimate object I see!