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    15 Posts About Astigmatisms That'll Make You Say, "Wait, I Think I'm The One With The Astigmatism"

    Which one has the astigmatism?

    When it comes to astigmatisms, most people's knowledge doesn't really go past that one commercial with the peppy twins from 2007.

    The twins from the commercial asking "you tell us, which one has the astigmatism?"
    ACUVUE / Via

    Simpler times.

    But people should probably be a little more educated on the topic, considering the fact that nearly 33% of Americans have astigmatism to some degree.


    Astigmatism is an eye condition that causes one's vision to be blurry from both near and far distances. This is due to the curvature of the cornea having an irregular shape.

    A normal eye diagram and an astigmatic eye diagram
    Solar22 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    One of the telltale signs of having astigmatism is struggling to see at night. For example, if you're driving, you'll probably see massive glares and halos coming from the traffic and car lights. It might look a little something like this:

    If โ€” like myself โ€” you're part of the astigmatism squad, then you'll probably enjoy these next 14 posts too:



    @Sneezing_Semen driving at night with an astigmatism

    Twitter: @icoheal


    Twitter: @goIdnangeI


    Twitter: @VeronosaurusRex


    Twitter: @mothcub_


    them red flags look blurry when u got astigmatism tho

    Twitter: @ric_vrdx


    mfs be like i can see your aura.. like nah bro that astigmatism u need glasses

    Twitter: @dumbricardo


    POV youโ€™re looking out the rear view with astigmatism

    Twitter: @jennytheartista


    I used to draw lights with streaks and starbursts. turns out i thought this was normal was because i have astigmatism

    Twitter: @fivepaninis


    Driving at night with astigmatism

    Twitter: @PirateCoop


    @PirateCoop people coming to the thread for laughs only to realize they have astigmatism

    Twitter: @mrwest_official


    So many people comment on my light color schemes, this is what dark mode looks like to some people with astigmatism like me.

    Twitter: @ryanflorence


    Instagram keeps advertising these glasses to me like I donโ€™t already have astigmatism for free.

    Twitter: @IfyNwadiwe


    shout out to the bad bitches wit astigmatism

    Twitter: @shmicholas

    If you think you have astigmatism, go see an optometrist! Glasses are a beautiful thing.