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15 Anti-Vaxxers Who Were Roasted Within An Inch Of Their Lives — And Rightfully So

There's no coming back from this.

1. This person who came up with the worst Tinder knockoff to date:

Anti vax mom wants to make an underground dating site for her unvaccinated kids from insaneparents

2. This person who probably regrets the moment they hit "Tweet":

Anti-Vax Logic from MurderedByWords

3. This person who needs to just pack up and leave the library:

Can't find scholarly evidence to back up anti vax, but that's no deterrence from confidentlyincorrect

4. And this person who seemingly has no clue how dumb they sound:

"Its kinda hard to find articles that prove me right" from vaxxhappened

5. This person who was murdered by metaphor:

There's no vaccination for that. from MurderedByWords

6. This person who doesn't seem to understand how a vaccine is different than an IV:

Got em 👌 from vaxxhappened

7. This person who probably shouldn't say they're a doctor, then dog on vaccines:

Trust him, he is a "doctor" (found on TikTok) from vaxxhappened

8. This person who chose the wrong post to comment on:

My uncle don’t play with anti vaxxers from vaxxhappened

9. This person who was served a cold hard dose of reality:

It’s part of the agenda from vaxxhappened

10. This person who thought a photo of muddy kids would adequately back up their point:

What is this? from vaxxhappened

11. This person who should go back to the 1930s:

The TIL was on one of the last users of an iron lung from vaxxhappened

12. This person who equated the immune system of an infant to the immune system of a grown human:

Poor little Emma should have just gone to the gym and ate her veggies /s from vaxxhappened

13. This person who doesn't even have a basic understanding of history:

Anti vaxxer pretends to be educated from MurderedByWords

14. This person who likely will be the last one laughing:

Anti vaxxers lurk from MurderedByWords

15. And finally, this person:

I think you will survive the vaccine from MurderedByWords

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