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    14 People Who Brutally Dragged Gender Norms And Made Me Laugh In The Process

    I never want to hear that a woman is "tapping into her masculine energy" again.

    1. This incredible alternative to gendered bathrooms:

    we should split bathrooms by pee vs poop instead of men vs women.

    Twitter: @eIisop

    2. This reply that definitely had some edge to it:

    3. This iconic comeback:

    4. And this hilarious hypocrisy:

    5. This ridiculous observation:

    6. This valid jab:

    7. This prize-deserving realization:

    8. This cocoa butter kiss:

    9. This perfect solution:

    10. This absolute roast of straight people:

    11. This takedown of "masculine energy":

    12. This clap-back at mom:

    13. This hysterical customer review:

    Tonight I learned marketers think men are so fragile they need a tiny dumb goatee to use a sheet mask.

    Twitter: @msemilymccombs

    14. And finally, this firecracker of a kid:

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