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12 Stepdads And Stepmoms Who Would Win Any Parenting Contest By A Landslide

I think I finally know what people mean when they say, "My heart is full."

1. This stepdad who took on the sweet duty of separating his kid's favorite jelly beans:

2. This stepdad who has a way with words:

3. This stepdad who loves ALL his patients:

4. This stepmom who knew exactly how to help when their kid needed them most:

5. This stepmom who went full HGTV on their kid's new home:

6. This stepmom who was adorably proud of this first baking moment with their daughter:

7. This stepdad who showed their kid what it means to have a loving father:

8. This stepdad who shared this beautiful moment with their kid's bio-dad:

9. And this stepmom who relishes having a good relationship with her kid's bio-mom:

10. This stepdad who's loud and proud about his nerdy passions:

11. This stepmom who knows how to spice things up with her goofy sense of humor:

12. And finally, this stepdad who left a beautiful mark on their kid's life: