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    15 Accidental Texts That Will Give You Full Body Chills — The Bad Kind

    I had to see these, so now you do too.

    1. The sext:

    No one is having a worse morning than me and this accidental text to my mother

    Twitter: @PG_Jack_

    2. The ex:

    Me ex got drunk last night and accidentally texted me lol 💀

    Twitter: @atdanwhite

    3. The drunk:

    they need to bring prohibition back but specifically only for me. last night i was so drunk that i accidentally texted myself instead of a friend and was blown away when they were saying the same thing as me at the same time

    Twitter: @perfectsweeties

    4. The poop:

    @katie_gloster if it makes you feel better i accidentally texted this to my mother in law instead of my fiancé...

    Twitter: @kaayhay_

    5. The shade:

    Sent my pops the wrong text and he right next to me 🥴

    Twitter: @primehob

    6. The Waterloo video:

    Hi, how is your day going. I just accidentally texted ABBA’s Waterloo video to my hospital’s Vice President of Clinal Operations

    Twitter: @GoodishIntent

    7. The aunt:

    Y’all I accidentally texted my aunt last night 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @breliholli

    8. The mucus:

    I had a video chat with my doctor and I accidentally texted him this and I’m going to lose sleep over it tonight. The second text made it worse.

    Twitter: @That1teddygirl

    9. The daddy shlong legs:


    10. The lemon:

    On today’s episode of I hate my life. I accidentally texted all my doctors this 😊

    Twitter: @EuphoricNausea

    11. The blast:

    accidentally texted the homies mom this instead of the GC

    Twitter: @slightbeats

    12. The therapist:

    Oops I accidentally texted a therapist I ghosted when I lost my insurance

    Twitter: @postcyborg

    13. The meme:

    I...I dont know how I did this... I accidentally texted the new employee this picture with no context..

    Twitter: @MelonSaurus

    14. The bad jokes:

    Facebook reminding me today of when I tried to text some comedy notes to myself but accidentally texted them to someone I'd never met

    Twitter: @joebatesss

    15. And finally, the tittles:

    accidentally texted my dysphoric episode to my mom instead of my friend

    Twitter: @hcsrih