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    18 Movie Details That Will Blow Every '90s Kid's Mind

    The good ol' days.

    H/t r/MovieDetails.

    1. The handsome man.

    2. The thing about Guam.

    3. The Halcyon's special meaning.

    4. The festive nose.

    5. The ominous clip.

    6. The odd number.

    7. The familiar fountain.

    8. The Soleman's significance.

    9. The daddy issues.

    10. The competitive streak.

    11. The peculiar smile.

    12. The illegal accessories.

    13. The promiscuous toy.

    14. The Close cameo.

    15. The merging of two worlds.

    16. Scratch that — the merging of THREE worlds.

    17. The sneaky gender swap.

    18. And the Boss's husband.