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    26 Screenshots Of Broken, Sexist Men Projecting Their Insecurities Onto Innocent Women

    I wish nothing but the worst for these men.

    Disclaimer: The following post contains discussions of sexual assault and verbal abuse.

    1. This man who needs to retake Econ 101:

    2. This man who knows SO much about periods, he basically has a vagina:

    3. This man who thinks women only read to look smart:

    4. This man who somehow came up with a way to make pants perverted:

    "That's a lot of words for "nobody will fuck me."

    5. This man who should not be allowed around women:

    "Bitch if you're dressed half naked in public, don't get mad wen i touch your body without your consent cuz i believe that's wat you wants"

    6. This man who apparently has never heard of breastfeeding:

    7. This man who thinks postpartum depression is just an attention ploy:

    8. This man who thinks feminist = unattractive:

    9. This man who is convinced women just get pregnant for the boob optics:

    10. This man who's never brought a woman pleasure in his life:

    11. This man who's set on being "the only Alpha":

    12. This man who's intimidated by a little buzzy machine:

    13. This man who's spewing pseudo-science to his niece — a genetic engineering major:

    Screenshot of a tweet

    14. And this man who pulled this "reality" out of his ass:

    15. This man who wants two moms:

    "Any woman that I want to marry must, first of all, stay with my mum for 6months/1year so that my mum can train her and let her know how to take care of me."

    16. This man who made a disgustingly offensive quiz:

    17. This man who unsuccessfully tried to frame women as violent baby-killing monsters:

    18. This man who is blissfully unaware of how creepy he sounds:

    19. Same with this man:

    20. This man who definitely gets his news from the dark web:

    21. This man who weirdly knows a whole lot about "Satan's plan for women":

    22. This man who thinks having a child decreases a woman's value:

    23. This man who called his pregnant wife fat and disgusting:

    24. This man who is weirdly controlling about women's...bed times?!:

    25. This man who is both wrong AND judgmental:

    26. And finally, this man who actually left me speechless:

    H/T: r/NotHowGirlsWork