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    16 Mind-Blowing Google Maps Photos That'll Make You Feel Like You're Being Stalked

    I just shut my blinds in case the Google Maps car is nearby.

    1. This military plane crash spotted in Missouri:

    Aerial view of a plane crash

    2. And this stealth bomber caught mid-flight:

    a bomber plane mid-flight

    3. This view of Dwight's car from The Office:

    a car behind a gate

    Here it is on the show:

    Screenshot from "The Office"

    4. This person's beloved father doing some gardening:

    A man gardening

    5. This dude giving the ole double middle finger:

    a man flipping the bird

    6. And this cat that wishes it could:

    Closeup of a cat

    7. These bushes Google Maps censored because the AI thought they were faces:

    blurry bushes

    8. This DeLorean spotted in the woods:

    A DeLorean on the side of the road

    9. This phallic-looking neighborhood whose streets are called "Dilido":

    Aerial view of a neighborhood

    10. This sunken ship on the North Sentinel Island:

    Aerial view of an abandoned ship

    11. This neighborhood that looks like it was sloppily shoved into the middle of other neighborhoods:

    Aerial view of neighborhoods

    12. This sweet pup who followed around a Google Maps walking photographer:

    A Golden Retriever outside in nature

    13. This Google Maps car being filmed by another Google Maps car:

    A Google Maps car

    14. This baseball field in Area 51:

    Aerial view of a baseball field

    15. This before and after of an abandoned house:

    Before and after of an abandoned house

    16. And finally, this Planters NUTMOBILE:

    A Planters car