These 16 Photos Of People And Things That Have Existed For Over 100 Years Will Leave You Slack-Jawed

    I don't really wanna know what the world will look like 100 years from now, so let's just focus on the past.

    1. This person's grandma who can do a plank at 100 years old:

    Older woman demonstrating a plank exercise on a wooden floor indoors

    2. This article about climate change from 1912:

    Article from Aug 14, 1912, with headline "Coal Consumption Affecting Climate," says furnaces are burning about 2 billion tons of coal a year, adding about 7 billion tons of C02 to the atmosphere yearly

    3. This radioactive water from 100 years ago:

    Vintage Torbena radioactive water pot with spigot, placed next to an old battery box

    4. These people in Barbados who got stamps for turning 100:

    Four rows of 65-cent stamps featuring portraits of centenarians, most of them women

    5. This person's mercury dime that was made in 1923:

    Front and back of a worn 1922 "Liberty" dime, featuring a profile and an eagle

    6. This pocket knife that was gifted to someone's great-grandfather by the King of Sweden over 100 years ago:

    Decorative, vintage pocket knife with intricate designs, placed on a textured surface

    7. And this house that someone's great-grandfather built using a Sears home kit in 1916, which was restored 100 years later:

    Side-by-side photo of a two-story house in 1916 with a family in front, and the same house in 2016, restored

    8. This dos and don'ts "influenza prevention" list from the 1918 flu pandemic that is extremely similar to COVID-19 guidelines:

    A vintage influenza prevention flyer with advice like wear masks, wash your hands before meals, keep your hands out of your mouth, observe quarantine regulations and avoid crowds, and get plenty of fresh air and sleep

    9. This photo of what the trenches in France from World War I look like today:

    Landscape with undulating grass-covered mounds among trees, resembling large sleeping figures

    10. And this untouched room of a World War I soldier:

    Old bedroom with flags, a twin bed, a wooden desk and chair, fireplace, framed wall images, and personal items like clothing hanging

    11. This "Cynthia" rhododendron on Vancouver Island:

    Large flowering shrub shedding pink petals onto a driveway next to a parked truck, in front of a two-story house

    12. These gears from a 100-year-old clock that someone is restoring:

    Vintage mechanical gears and parts displayed on a wooden surface

    13. This cough syrup that contains some absolutely wild ingredients:

    Vintage cough syrup label listing ingredients including alcohol, cannabis, chloroform, and morphine

    14. This quilt that a little girl's great-great-great-grandmother made over 100 years ago:

    A childhood bedroom with a colorful quilt–covered twin captain's bed, plush toys, and small pink steps on the side of the bed

    15. This yearbook from 1924:

    Open high school yearbook with photos of young men and women, signatures and messages, and typewritten names

    16. And finally, this photo that shows the stark contrast between automobiles from over 100 years ago and automobiles now:

    A modern Tesla parked next to a vintage Ford Model T on a suburban street, showcasing the evolution of automotive design