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    What If "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Came Out In 1995?

    A new fan-made trailer reimagines Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the age of VHS.

    YouTube remix artist Louis Plamondon, best known by his nom de video Sleepy Skunk, partnered with some folks at Vulture to re-edit the trailer for Marvel's latest blockbuster into the smash-hit of 1995.

    Marvel / YouTube: SleepySkunk / Via

    I think this is a shot from Armageddon.

    The details are flawless, from the jittery, nostalgia-inducing title card...

    Marvel / YouTube: SleepySkunk / Via

    To the Van Damme-worthy voiceover artist...

    Marvel / YouTube: SleepySkunk / Via

    To graphics that would make a young James Cameron drool.

    Marvel / youtube: SleepySkunk / Via

    Not to mention the latest in cutting edge technology.

    Marvel / YouTube: SleepySkunk / Via

    You can watch the entire thing here — just make sure to rewind it for the next person when you're done.

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