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The Creepiest Stuffed Animals In The World Can Be Yours

Won't you give them a new home?

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12. Cross-eyed, Christmas Kermit.

eBay: Yunia15 / Via

"You know who kids like? Kermit. Let's do a Kermit."


"But not Baby Kermit. He should have an adult-sized head, but on a little baby body."

"Of course."

"And googly-eyes. Like he just got hit in the face with a shovel."


"Also he's a Christmas."

I had this one. Current Price: US $31.95


23. A Fairly Oddparent.

eBay: toyxchange / Via

Proof that toys don't need to be from the 1950s to be terrifying. This generation produced just as many evil stuffed animals to come to life at night and put stuff under your fingernails.

Current Price: US $59.99


38. Angry cigar who is smoking smaller cigar.

eBay: dboyleswv / Via

Even if this didn't look like a poop that is eating one of his own poops (which it does), it would still be a stuffed animal of an angry cigar. It's also smoking a yet smaller cigar, which I'm pretty sure is some kind of omni-crime combining arson, cannibalism, and infanticide.

Current Price: US $39.99