The Creepiest Stuffed Animals In The World Can Be Yours

    Won't you give them a new home?

    1. This rabbit.

    2. This naughty duckling.

    3. This monkey with tired, red, tired eyes.

    4. This pink dog.

    5. A scarecrow that is definitely not the devil.

    6. Your old pal, "Shotgun Red."

    7. This not-okay bear.


    9. This, uh, you know, this guy.

    10. This Garfield who is ready if you are.

    11. Mr. Magoo in a kimono.

    12. Cross-eyed, Christmas Kermit.

    13. Cat-calling racoon.

    14. Mickey Mouse?

    15. Mickey Mouse???

    16. ...Mickey Mouse?!!

    17. Garfi-OH MY GOD.

    18. A dead Luigi.

    19. Minnie Mouse that survived at least one fire.

    20. Clown that reminds you that previous generations didn't know the difference between "fun" and "creepy," as well as your own mortality in general.

    21. The Baby From Hi & Lois.


    23. A Fairly Oddparent.

    24. Kanga and Roo.

    25. E.T. I guess.

    26. Oh cool another Garfiel—OH HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS SACRED.

    27. Smurf with extremely long arms and legs.

    28. Mickey again.

    29. A Snoopy missing most of its face.

    30. No idea.

    31. A Pac-Man skin rug.

    32. A Country Bear.

    33. This is Animal.

    34. Popeye.

    35. Charlie Horse.

    36. A skunk that wants to have sex with you.

    37. Merciless Santa Claus.

    38. Angry cigar who is smoking smaller cigar.

    39. A bear from history.

    40. Impossible to tell.