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    Can Anyone Help Us Identify This Forgotten '90s Cartoon Character?

    Whoever she is, she looks pretty cool. Any guesses?

    Thanks to a user on Tumblr, we recently discovered this mysterious cartoon character from (we think) the '90s.


    Details are scant, but from her clothing style, the color palette, and the overall quality of the image, we're almost POSITIVE this is a character from the '90s.


    So why doesn't anyone remember who?

    Possible guess: a supporting character from Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold?


    But if that's the case, why isn't she in this image of the entire cast? Maybe she only appeared once? But the art style still isn't quite there; she looks more minimalist.

    We're totally transfixed by her perfectly neutral expression.

    It's endlessly mysterious, like someone who has chosen not to reveal any of her inner secrets to the world. Is she afraid to let herself be vulnerable? Does she know something we don't? Could she be someone's mother?

    Wait โ€” wasn't she the babysitter on Rugrats?


    Update: We remembered that was usually the grandpa.

    The same Tumblr user was able to dig up one more image, but it's not much help.


    Still very '90s in its design, but the show itself could take place pretty much anytime after World War II โ€” or in some kind of bleak future.

    Send us your best guesses! Maybe if we all work together we can identify this mystery woman once and for all.