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11 Mind-Blowing Facts You Might Not Know About Football

Better put your helmet on. Metaphorically.

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5. A red card (worse than a yellow card) is an immediate ejection from the football game. Your team can't replace you on the field with another player — so watch out for red cards!

6. Football is the most popular sport in the world — partially because it is so inexpensive. All you need is a ball and some relatively flat terrain with agreed upon parameters.

7. Must a player only use his or her "foot" to move the football? Not necessarily! Players are allowed to move the ball using their knees, chest, back — even their heads!


9. There are no timeouts in football, but an official time keeper notes when the ball is not being played — say, immediately after a goal, or as the result of an on-field injury. They may decide to add extra time to the clock at the end of each half.

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