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    The Toronto Humane Society's New PSA Is Heartbreakingly Brilliant

    PuppySwap is a fake start-up company. But it's designed to alert you to a real problem.

    It's called PuppySwap — and it's a simple idea.

    A Netflix-style subscription service to provide you with all the benefits of puppy ownership — and none of the longterm commitment.

    Over twee music, a chirpy voiceover invites you to log on and choose your new pet based on "user ratings, adorability, or what's currently trending."

    Shortly thereafter, your new companion is delivered right to your doorstep.

    The best part? As soon as your puppy starts to become less cute, or more of a burden —

    Just log back into PuppySwap and they'll deliver you the latest model.

    And helpfully dispense of the old one for you.

    In addition to their website, they also have a Facebook page.

    With additional images illustrating the concept — as horrifying as they are simple.

    Blissfully, the ad eventually comes clean. PuppySwap isn't a hoax, or a prank — it's a tactic.

    A subtle and ultimately effective one. The PuppySwap campaign tugs at the heartstrings by sidestepping preachiness for perspective. See the whole PSA here. Watch it with someone fuzzy.

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