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    6 Other Things Jeb Bush Could Actively Explore In 2015

    Just don't call him Dora.

    Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced today that he'll "actively explore" a Presidential run in 2016.

    AFP / Getty Images JIM WATSON

    But that's more than a year away. What else might he decide to explore in the meantime?

    1. A Spooky Cave

    Getty Images/iStockphoto irin717

    After "thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership...America needs," the two-term Florida Governor announced he'd "actively explore" a Presidential bid. You know where else that bold, intrepid spirit would come in handy? The cavernous belly of a spooky cave.

    2. A Haunted House

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Witthaya

    Jeb Bush has had the courage to publicly disagree with his party's shift to the hard right, but is he brave enough to spend an entire night in this haunted house? If so, Old Man Whitmore's $1,000 prize would certainly go a long way toward campaign funds.

    3. Manga

    Flickr: camknows (CC BY-NC-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr

    With so many critically acclaimed series, running for so many decades, with volumes extending into the hundreds, even die-hard fans of Western comics find manga somewhat impenetrable. Could 2015 be the year that the former Governor finally dives in?

    4. What really happened on 9/11

    Brendan Mcdermid / Reuters

    Say what you will about the official story of that tragic day, but Bush knew something. The other Bush, that is. Not this one. Wait a minute—it's all connected.

    5. His Sexuality

    Amazon: Shift_forwards / Via

    Mr. Bush has been happily married for over forty years. No one would judge him for wanting to keep that excitement alive.

    6. Other Dimensions

    Getty Images/iStockphoto agsandrew

    The "many-worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics dictates that all possible realities exist simultaneously. Can you imagine a world where dinosaurs walk alongside men? What about an entire universe where the laws of physics as we know them no longer apply; past, present and future are one, and anything you dream of becomes possible?

    Jeb Bush can imagine this impossible universe. Can you?

    Thumbnail Credit: AFP / Getty Images Jim Watson & Getty Images/iStockphoto sergwsq

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