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18 Cats Who Don't Look Like Hitler

Here they are! We can promise at least that many cats that bear no resemblance to one of history's greatest evils.

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1. Lookin' good, specs! This little brainiac looks like he's studying meow-metry! Maybe a chapter on purr-abolas!

2. "Sorry, the buzzer's broken — be right down!"

3. This little dickens is ready to make some paw-sta primavera.

As you can see, this cat resembles Hitler and therefore will not be counted toward the total number of cats promised.

4. "Shhh. You had me at meow."

5. "May I help you?" How about a little less sass from our cat-stomer service representative?

6. You just gotta post pictures of yourself as a kitten for Throwback Purrs-day!

7. This one has a Dumbledore quality — or should we say, "Dumbledorable?"

Once again, this cat resembles Adolf Hitler, the Austrian-born German dictator who founded the Nazi party and helped to usher in World War II. As promised by the headline, he or she will not be purr-mitted a slot on this list.

8. Cuteness patrol is on high alert!

9. "Guhh... What did I do last night?"

10. "Welcome, Mister Bond — I've been expecting you."

11. Did somebody say "pizza?!"

This cat only looks like a medium amount like Hitler, but better safe than sorry. Off the list.

12. That's better. This list promised 18 cats that do not resemble Adolf Hitler, the 20th century's most reviled madman and chief engineer of the Holocaust — and dang it, that's what this list is going to deliver.

13. There we go. That's more like it. Just a good, wholesome cat that in no way invokes the concept of genocide.

14. Now that's what we call a "cool cat!"

Oh for crying out — Look, Hitler in a party hat is still Hitler. Please get off this list of respectable, non-Hitler resembling cats.

15. This one's tricky — it looks nothing like Hitler, but at the right angle, it does have sort of a Mussolini thing going on.

We're not imagining it, right? It's hard to tell. These Hitler cats have us really on edge. Maybe we're too close to this whole thing.

Public Domain

...That's a dog. Oh, and it definitely looks like Hitler. This train has officially fallen off the rails and crashed into the Titanic.

16. You know what? From here on out, these may or not be pictures of cats, that may or may not look like Hitler, and that's the best we can promise.

17. So far, so good — and no sign of a little white mustache AKA The Reverse Hitler.

18. Don't be scared, little guy! It looks like we just might make it through this list yet.

That's it. This is over. We're done.

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