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    13 Robots Who Are Totally Basic

    Powered by pumpkin spice.


    AFP / Getty Images GERARD JULIEN

    This small robot is programmed to "see" the red plastic ball, in much the way an infant may begin developing these basic traits of visual recognition and object permanence. While a fairly basic machine, this innovation still represents a tremendous amount of promise in the field of companion robotics.


    AFP / Getty Images GERARD JULIEN

    This bipedal humanoid robot is capable of lifting a 1 kilogram payload in either of its three-fingered hands, a fairly basic ability most human beings are capable of doing almost effortlessly.


    ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images ChinaFotoPress

    These rudimentary robots are capable of handling basic tasks in the food service industry, primarily serving and clearing dishes. With limited mobility and interactivity, their presence is still largely novelty rather than convenience, but nonetheless invokes a compelling vision of the future.

    One such meal these robots would be capable of serving is brunch.


    AFP / Getty Images YOSHIKAZU TSUNO

    The robot pictured here prepares a cup of coffee for visitors to a technology conference. This robot, like others like it, lacks the nuance and sophistication to fully replicate the adroitness of an human hand, but gradual progress is made with each new innovation. Until then, this basic task is still best performed by people.


    AFP / Getty Images GERARD JULIEN

    These fairly basic robots resemble toys and have no industrial utility.


    AFP / Getty Images KAZUHIRO NOGI

    This highly complex robot was actually designed to aid in the decommissioning of Japan's earthquake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. It is not basic, and should not be included on this list.


    AFP / Getty Images YOSHIKAZU TSUNO

    This is the whitest robot we have ever seen. It's gleaming white casing is a combination of plastic, lightweight alloys and durable rubber, concealing a gyroscopic chest sensor and lithium-ion battery.


    AFP / Getty Images YOSHIKAZU TSUNO

    This robotic hand features 18 working joints. To contrast, the human hand has 29 joints and over 100 named ligaments. Still, this basic robotic simulacrum does achieve equally basic functionality and hints at a daring future for robotic prosthesis.


    AFP / Getty Images YOSHIKAZU TSUNO

    An extremely basic robot; this robot is essentially a highly expressive jar.


    AFP / Getty Images YOSHIKAZU TSUNO

    Look at these basics.


    AFP / Getty Images YOSHIKAZU TSUNO

    This robot is capable of a fairly limited protocol of pre-programmed "dance" moves. Were you to see it attempt to dance, the word basic might come to mind. She is designed to invoke a female personality and you'll notice she is also, like the majority of basic robots, white.


    AFP / Getty Images KAREN BLEIER

    This robot is programmed to track and kick a toy ball is a crude pantomime resembling the game of soccer. While advanced by the standards of, say, an engineering student, there is still a lack of sophistication in the robot's movements that future iterations could only improve upon. This is extremely basic robotics.



    We get it, robot, you like the Beatles. So does everyone else.

    So basic.

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