The Internet’s Love Affair With Nigel Thornberry And You

You may not be aware that the internet has an obsession with everyone’s favorite naturalist (next to David Attenborough, of course). That obsession has manifested in the form of taking some of the most smashing cartoon movie characters of your childhood and slapping Nigel’s nose-dominated face on them. There are also some photoshop jobs that may haunt you in your sleep. Here’s how you’re likely to react to finding Nigel Thornberry in his not-so-natural habitats.

1. When you first find the meme you’re startled, unsure what to think.

2. At first it puts a bad taste in your mouth.

3. It’s often pretty terrifying…

5. You start to wonder if this is the darkest or the brightest corner of the internet…

Nigel Pattinsonberry

7. Then it starts to get predictable, but you still love it


10. You start to praise the brilliance of random people on the internet.

14. Then you find this one and lose all faith in humanity

15. But this is the internet, and everything is about Bronies in the end, so you just …

16. Because we’re all really deeply in love with Nigel.

That hair…

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