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The Guardian Is Trying To Steal BuzzFeed's Thunder With... Bees

The British newspaper the Guardian launches a new column on the ticking time bomb that is colony collapse disorder (CCD). Not content with stealing pre-existing religious initialisms, the British news outlet has moved on to bigger prey, poaching this very site's name for its column. Buzzfeed, move over: here comes Buzzfeeds.

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The world of words abounds with shared acronyms and initialisms: KFC can refer to Kentucky Fried Chicken or the Kenya Film Commission; MP can stand for "member of Parliament" or the mons pubis, which forms the anterior portion of the vulva; and PLA refers to both China's People's Liberation Army and the United Kingdom's equally threatening Pre-school Learning Alliance. Believe it or not, beekeepers are also eager contributors to this ever-expanding convolution.

In late 2006, bee experts alarmed the world with ominous warnings of , a disease which was threatened to make the world's bees disappear for good. This would have dire implications for fruits, flowers and plants around the globe, which rely upon God's faithful pollinators. This initialism was, however, mighty confusing for children who attended and had friends who attended Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes, which offered after-school religious education to children attending secular schools.

In their pursuit of world chaos and confusion, bee academics have decided to poach Buzzfeed's prestigious name for their new series, entitled Buzzfeeds, where resident bee expert Alison Benjamin stokes worldwide fear about the impending (or ongoing?) bee crisis. Insider reports claim that some of the first posts by the site will include 15 Most OMG-Worthy Bee Gifs, 10 RuPaul Quotes Proving You're A Drone In Denial, 16 Ways You Can Tell You're Not A Bee, 23 Reasons the Queen Is A Total Bitch, and 100 Pictures That Prove Ryan Gosling's Spirit Animal Is A Bee.

Until these lists become available, acquaint yourself with the dire consequences of CCD with these fun infographics!

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