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    21 Places That Are Great For Vegetarians And Vegans In Sheffield

    Veggie and Vegan Eats In The North.

    1. Shy Boy Cantina at The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby / Via The Great Gatsby

    Plenty of veggie options at this great Mexican kitchen, if you fancy tacos then check out the spicy mapo tofu, the aubergine, peanut and coriander aioli and the portobello mushroom, walnut and hoisin. Plus there's burritos, salads and a nice mix of sides including a couple of great fritters in the way of courgette and quinoa and sweet potato and squash.

    2. Make No Bones

    Make No Bones / Via Facebook: events

    Make No Bones is Sheffield's only all vegan catering company. They do pop-up restaurants, events catering and also have a mobile vegan snack bar, called the Horsebox, that crops up in various places and pubs across Sheffield, serving things like vegan donner kebabs, tempeh bacon and avocado club sandwiches, jerk tofu, rice and peas and jackfruit pulled pork subs. They often do special events too, creating a one-off menus for the evening, such as Burns night. Keep an eye on their website and social media for movements.

    3. The Red Deer

    4. Pure on Raw

    5. Showroom Cinema

    6. Blue Moon Cafe

    7. The Real Junk Food Project

    The Real Junk Food Project / Via Facebook: Realjunkfoodsheffield

    This is a volunteer-staffed café that's part of a larger country-wide charity, attempting to raise awareness of food wastage. Rather than binning perfectly edible food, they cook meals with it, serving it up on a pay-what-you-feel basis. The menu changes regularly based on what food they have to hand but you can expect a regular variety of veggie and vegan options.

    8. Urban Choola

    9. Forge Bakehouse

    10. Twisted Burger Company

    Twisted Burger Co. / Via Facebook: TwistedBurgerCompany

    The Twisted Burger Co. run the kitchen in two Sheffield bars, The Harley and the Riverside. They do massive burgers, messy, loaded fries and proper shakes. They also offer veggie and vegan options, such as their drop dead double stuffed falaf-hell burger, comprised of: double falaf-hell patty, grilled aubergine, sweet chilli and lime sauce, vegan minted sour cream and red onion. They've even concocted a vegan milkshake to wash it all down with.

    11. Depot Bakery

    12. The Beer Engine

    13. Homemade by Thelma's

    Homemade by Thelma's / Via Facebook: HomemadeByThelmas

    You'll find meat-free (both veggie and vegan) options on all of Homemade by Thelma's menus, be it their breakfast, lunch or bistro one. One such option being the pictured vegan laska.

    14. The Bhaji Shop, Thali Cafe

    15. Cafe Des Amis

    16. Tamper Sellers Wheel

    17. Rutland Arms

    18. Soya Express

    19. The Fat Cat

    20. Steel City Cakes

    Steel City Cakes / Via Facebook: SteelCityCakes

    Vegan baking can often look a little bland or unappealing in the wrong hands but Steel City Cakes offer up some vegan options that have no problem rivalling their diary-stuffed cakes. Their vegan Oreo cake (pictured) being one example.

    21. World Peace Cafe

    World Peace Cafe / Via Facebook: worldpeacecafesheffield

    A little cafe tucked inside the Kadampa Meditation Centre, it has a nice, albeit small, selection of veggie and vegan breakfast and lunch options, as well as various vegan sweet treats.

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