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Tell Us Your Experience With Sleep Paralysis

It can happen to anyone, and it's terrifying.

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Many sufferers say it's like "waking up dead" – fully aware of their surroundings, but unable to move, or in some cases, to breathe.


Some sufferers say they concentrate on wiggling fingers or toes before shaking themselves awake, though experts say it's a case of waiting it out.

As if the paralysis wasn't bad enough, some sufferers also hallucinate, seeing dark shapes or figures and hearing voices.

The Nightmare / Gravitas Ventures

The phenomenon is present in folk lore in many cultures. It's thought that many "alien abduction" experiences are actually sleep paralysis.

Though there are some common themes, each sufferer has a different experience, and we'd like to hear yours.

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Maybe it feels like something is sitting on your chest, pinning you down and stopping you breathing, as in "The Nightmare" (1782) by Swiss painter Henry Fuseli.