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If Superheroes Were From The Elizabethan Age

Alas, tis Sir Batman of Gotham, and his squire, Robin!.

Sacha Goldberger is a Paris-based French photographer who has exhibited in galleries around the world.

His latest project “Super-Flemish” interprets American heroes in the style of Flemish school painters.

Using 17th century techniques of counterpointing light and shadow, the photographs cleverly illustrate the “nobility and fragility” of superheroes.

Goldberger told BuzzFeed: “The superheroes often live their lives cloaked in anonymity. These portraits give them a chance to "fix" their narcissism denied.”

More than 110 people participated in the project, including 60 actors, 5 costume designers led by Jackie Tadeoni, 7 makeup artists, and 5 hairdressers.

Casting director Elsa Felix and her team worked for 8 months to find the right actors.

Digital image artists Pierrick Guenneugues and Sebastien Maillard then spent 3 months editing the photographs.

The result is a stunning series of portraits whose subjects look eerily similar to their modern age counterparts.

And it's not just superheroes, Goldberger's series also includes iconic Star Wars characters.