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A Graffiti Artist Posted His Year-Long Battle With A Clean-Up Crew And It's Hilarious

Well played, Mobstr. Well played.

Street artist Mobstr has spent the last year locked in a battle of wits with the local council in Hackney Wick.

The prize? An unassuming substation wall:

In a post on his website, Mobstr recounted the epic tale of the wall, and the diligent clean-up crew out to foil his schemes.

Mobstr wrote: "I cycled past this wall on the way to work for years. I noticed that graffiti painted within the red area was 'buffed' with red paint."

"However, graffiti outside the red area would be removed with a pressure washer. This prompted the start of an experiment."

"Unlike other works, I was very uncertain as to what results it would yield."

"Below is what transpired over the course of a year."

Mobstr told BuzzFeed: "I started on 17 July 2014, and did my final contribution about a month or two ago."

"In my mind by simply removing the graffiti they were playing along. The only way for them to avoid collaboration was by doing nothing at all."

Until one day...

As far as Mobstr is aware, his final message hasn't been painted over yet.

He added: "I think I might have broken them."

He also posted a timelapse video of the whole saga on Instagram, as well as a GIF that has been viewed 3million times on Imgur.

Visit Mobstr's website for more of his work, or follow him on Instagram.