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    An Artist Is Turning A Jeremy Clarkson Book Into Genius Poetry

    The best blackout poetry... in the world.

    Jeremy Clarkson is the outspoken, professionally controversial host of BBC's Top Gear, and the author of 14 books, mostly about his own opinions.

    Babak Ganjei is a British artist whose new project involves creating poetry from a copy of Jeremy Clarkson's 2007 book, Don't Stop Me Now.

    Working through the book with a black marker, Ganjei's poems morph Clarkson's anecdotes into hilarious, sometimes sad and poignant poetry.

    Ganjei – whose last project was an illustrated minute-by-minute retelling of the movie Roadhouse – is currently 55-pages into Clarkson's 330-page book.

    He told BuzzFeed: "I feel like there are so many people creating things these days it's hard to keep up, and maybe rather than add to the pile it would be good to use existing art forms and recycle them."

    "I've never been a fan of Jeremy Clarkson so transforming his book into something else feels like I'm doing some good, even if it's just the one copy."

    "I appreciate the man is a professional broadcaster but I feel like he's also a man who can deploy his opinions in a very clever manner."

    "It gets played down as 'banter'. It just reminds me of growing up in Bournemouth, being at the time what seemed like the only ethnic minority at school."

    "I was kinda the dork in the cool group who would just accept the banter, that is until Nirvana's Nevermind was released and I realised I had two best friends in the form of a tree and a Discman."

    "I never go into a project knowing where it will end. If people enjoy the work I'm happy. Maybe the text will turn into a collection of illustrations or a video, maybe it will just become one stand alone book."

    "There's a way to go yet, but when I’m done I'll probably stick it up on eBay. I quite like using it as a democratic art market where the bidders determine the value of the art."

    "That's if it is valued as art at all. I quite like getting stuck in the middle between art and crap."

    "Either that or I'll try and convince the British Library to take it."

    And on that bombshell...

    You can follow the project on Ganjei's Instagram. The poems can also be found at