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    Tom From Myspace Is Amazing At Instagram

    With millions in the bank, the retired former Myspace founder travels the world taking insanely ridiculous pictures. It'll make you wish you were still friends.

    Tom Anderson co-founded Myspace in 2003.

    He sold the social network to News Corp. in 2005, for a cool $580 million.

    Tom left Myspace in 2009, and now travels the world being amazing at Instagram.

    So amazing.

    All over the world.

    From Manilla.

    To Oregon.

    From Thailand.

    To New Zealand.

    From Timbuk1.*

    To Timbuk2.*

    Tom's Instagram is a feed of never ending delight.

    Which his 60,000 fans can attest to.

    He is living the dream.

    And we are living it vicariously through him.

    Because he is really, really, ridiculously good at Instagram.

    Because he has a better camera than you do.

    And more money in his bank.

    And more stamps in his passport.

    Even his selfies are better than yours.

    Only science has seen the moon this close before.

    So follow Tom on Instagram.

    And see how it's done.

    You won't regret it.

    And you might learn a thing or two.

    But mostly you'll learn one important lesson.

    Tom from Myspace is better at Instagram than you are.

    Source: myspacetom on Instagram.