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22 Things Only People Who Hate Noise Will Understand

You shut your damn mouth when you're eating.

1. People who eat loudly are the worst.

2. Upon hearing someone eat, you can no longer function properly.

3. Your head feels exactly like this.

4. See also: people who slurp.

5. And mouth-breathers.

6. Sometimes you grit your teeth.

7. But most of the time you don't even try to pretend noise is OK.

8. Especially whistling.

9. And snapping fingers.

10. But mostly eating.

11. Of all the sounds, people eating is the most upsetting.

12. Misophonia is a neurological condition in which specific sounds cause anxiety, panic, or anger.

13. Misophonia translates as "hatred of sound".

14. So if you're the kind of person who cringes when someone hocks and spits.

15. Or loses it when they can hear dripping.

16. Then perhaps your pain now has a name.

17. It's why you can't stand excited squeals.

18. Or why you desperately need to get as far away as possible from someone who is fucking humming.

19. Or why you rage when someone clanks cutlery against their teeth.

20. And explains why your body shuts down due to that fucking sound people make in clubs when they put their hands in the air.

21. So next time someone is eating loudly, say something. Or better yet, punch something.

22. It doesn't have to end this way.

This post was delightfully sound-free.

Your sanity is welcome.