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37 Times "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Got Way Too Real


Take a deep breath...

1. When Buffy went to kill Angelus, but had to kill Angel instead.

2. When Buffy didn't know how to quit Angel.

3. Giles refusing to judge Buffy.

4. When Angel was human that one time...

5. ...but it couldn't last forever.

6. When this was Giles' worst nightmare.

"Whose nightmare is this?"

GILES: "It's mine. I failed...in my duty to protect you."

7. When Buffy taught Angel about strength.

8. When Buffy asked Giles to tell her it would be OK.

9. When Giles and Buffy were reunited.

10. When Giles lost his job for Buffy.

11. When Cordelia summed up loneliness.

12. When Xander taught Dawn the meaning of special.

13. When Spike was there for Dawn.

14. When Dawn put her trust in Spike.

15. When Dawn told it like it is.

16. When Buffy let Joyce in on her secret.

17. Willow's face when Xander complained about being ignored by Buffy.

18. When Oz left Willow.

19. And Willow found Tara.

20. When the gang showed Tara who her real family were.

21. When Joss Whedon took Tara away.

22. When Buffy just needed Spike to stay.

23. When Xander spoke from the heart.

24. When Buffy told Dawn she was home.

25. This moment.

26. When Angel was there for Faith.

27. When Anya summed up the pain of losing a loved one.

28. When Spike suffered for love...

29. ...and proved it's never too late to change.

30. When Willow and Xander couldn't laugh through the pain.

31. When Xander talked Willow down.

32. When Joyce was the best.

33. When Joss Whedon took Joyce away.

34. When Buffy sacrificed herself.

35. When Buffy revealed they didn't rescue her from hell.

"There was no pain, no fear, no doubt,

Till they pulled me out,

Of Heaven."

36. When Spike said this.

37. This kiss.

Sorry if your favourite too real moment isn't listed here. There are so many times Buffy was way too real – at least once an episode. She saved the world a lot.


It has been brought to our attention that a couple of these moments are from the "Angel" spin-off series. But they still count. BECAUSE FEELS. Rumours that this info was passed to us by a certain vampire detective with a soul remain unsubstantiated.