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    Feb 2, 2015

    26 Faces Everyone From Yorkshire Will Recognise

    So what part of London are you from?

    1. When you're on holiday and someone asks what part of London you're from.

    2. When someone mixes up Yorkshire and Lancashire.

    3. When you've mastered the art of pretending that you're warm enough.


    4. When you made a big point about not taking a fucking coat and you're regretting it a bit.

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    5. When your friend comes back from uni with a fake southern accent.


    6. When your friend comes back from uni and introduces you to her new southern boyfriend, Jeremy.

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    7. When it's your mate's round and they're making a show of being hard-up.


    8. When you tell a mate how much your jeans cost and they're like, "How fucking much?"

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    9. And then, "I could have had three for that price."

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    10. When a stranger smiles at you and you feel obliged to smile back, but can't remember how.


    11. When someone says they go to Leeds Met.

    12. When your mate wants to go out in Halifax for her hen do.


    13. When you say "alright" to someone and they think you want an actual conversation and start telling you about their feelings and such.


    14. When you're having a quiet pint in Headingley and 27 Where's Wallys turn up in the midst of an Otley Run and ruin the ambience.

    15. When someone uses words like "ambience" when they could say "mood", posh bastards.

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    16. When you wake up the next morning and realise you were one of the Wallys on the Otley run.

    17. When you accidentally get off the train at Wakefield Kirkgate instead of Westgate.


    18. When you're at a party and Johnny Southerner says "Well, someone's got to be" when you say where you're from.

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    19. When you nip to Meadowhall to treat yer sen, but forget that schools are on half term.

    20. When you see that chap who bought you a pint four years ago and will never let you forget it.


    21. When another Yorkshire person takes the piss out of your town, as if they aren't all equally glorious.

    22. When someone asks if you've got whippets.


    23. When you get home from work and see the whippets.

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    24. When Yorkshire owned the 2012 London Olympics.

    25. When everyone said the 2014 Tour de France Grand Départ was the best ever.


    26. When someone asks why it's called "God's Own County".

    Lions Gate

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