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    23 Times Starbucks Was Definitely Messing With You

    Sorry, Clint.

    1. Grande Americano for Virginia.

    2. Skinny Latte for Chad.

    3. Cappuccino for Jessica.

    4. Hot Chocolate for Cate.

    5. Iced Latte for Tim.

    6. "C-L-I-N-T. Like Eastwood."

    7. Iced Tea for Chris.

    8. Latte for Alan.

    9. Venti Latte for Oliver.

    10. Passion Tea for Jim.

    11. Cappuccino for Kurt.

    12. Half-caf latte for Ian.

    13. Guy it's actually "Ian".

    14. No, "Ian".


    16. "Fuck you, Starbucks."

    17. Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato for Connie.

    18. Soy latte for Clint.

    19. Iced tea for Michelle.

    20. Oh, it's "Marie-Antoinette".

    21. "When I said my name what did you hear?"

    22. "Hey can you get my name right this time?"

    23. "Okay. Sorry I was rude."