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49 Bloody Brilliant Black And Grey Tattoo Ideas

Monochrome masterpieces.

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Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

1. Get a traditional flash art sleeve.

By Joe Ellis, Leeds.

2. Or a Day of the Dead girl.

Johhny Gilbert, Huddersfield.

3. How about an intricate dot work mandala.

By Bunk Ink, Southampton.

4. Or these photo-realistic roses.

By Pete the Thief, Southampton.

5. You could get more traditional dot work birds and blooms.

By Kelly Violet, Edinburgh.

6. Or a dot work mandala blossom.

By Matt Webb, Stoke-on-Trent.

7. A flash art raven, nevermore.

By Matty Darienzo, London.

8. Get some hot wheels.

By Ryan Evans, London.

9. Or a friend from a galaxy far, far away.

By Tilldth Tattoo, US.

10. Try a Tyger Tyger, burning bright.

By John Lewis, Shrewsbury.

11. Or a simple anatomically-correct heart.

By Dan Morris, Manchester.

12. Why not become a canvas for some abstract flora.

By Peter Aurisch, Berlin.

13. Or some abstract wildlife.

By Otto d'Ambra, London.

14. You could get a mehndi-style Rabbit.

By Dom Holmes, London.

15. Show off your very own Fantastic Mr. Fox.

By Susanne König, Amsterdam.

16. Or a traditional flash art swallow.

By Jonte, Stockholm.

17. Decorate yourself with a floral ornament.

By Ade Itameda, Netherlands.

18. Join the masquerade ball.

By Mitchell Allenden, Leeds.

19. Or go for a Venetian-style mask.

By Chantale Coady, Chippenham.

20. Get a hand-poked geometric sleeve.

By Grace Neutral, London.

21. Or a honeycomb-inspired sleeve.

By Paul Davies, Plymouth.

22. Get a cool little stag beetle.

By Ema Sweeney, Glasgow.

23. Or a delicate lace bow.

By Lee Denham, Doncaster.

24. How about a mehndi-style underbra.

By Staci Green, Sunderland.

25. Or this rose & mehndi underbra.

By Bintt, Southend.

26. A butterfly on your stomach.

By Monique Kriebel Pak, Brasilia.

28. Get a dot work flower.

By Gav Skelton, Wolverhampton.

29. Or a bouquet of dot work flowers.

By Barbara Rebelo, Wilmslow.

30. How about a traditional skull rose.

By Dave Weighill, Weymouth.

31. Or a Mexican-syle sugar skull.

By Darryl Tagoe, Southampton.

32. How about a hipster skull.

By Nick Whybrow, London.

33. Or a bio-organic skull.

Sean Van Orsdol, Seattle.

34. Maybe a dot work wolf.

By Bartek Wojda, Katowice.

35. Or a line-drawn bird.

By Sasha Masiuk, St.Petersburg.

36. Or even a bird in a (geometric) cage.

By Pavlo Balytskyi, Katowice.

37. Something more traditional, perhaps?

By Florian Santus, Paris.

38. Like this classic flash art anchor.

Tony Nilsson, Oslo.

39. Or this rose with shackles.

By Teen Hearts Tattoos, Santa Ana.

40. Or this figure-8 knot.

Will Mordecai, Denver.

41. Is this the seed of an idea?

By Cody Zeek, Portland.

42. You could keep it classy with a gentleman pigeon.

By Math, London.

43. Or go old school with a Tyrannosaurus skull.

Pari Corbett, Perth.

44. You could get a detailed deer.

By Kamil Czapiga, Katowice.

45. Or a dot work deer.

By Klaudia Hołda, Cracow.

46. Or a deer mandala.

By Ishi Neve, Woy Woy, Australia.

47. So whether you go abstract, like this lynx...

By Valentin Hirsch, Berlin.

48. Or with traditional dot work, like these flowers...

By Hannah Snow, Sheffield.

49. A black and gray tattoo will be a great beginning to your addiction, or addition to your collection.

By Mike, Hemet.