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    49 Bloody Brilliant Black And Grey Tattoo Ideas

    Monochrome masterpieces.

    1. Get a traditional flash art sleeve.

    2. Or a Day of the Dead girl.

    3. How about an intricate dot work mandala.

    4. Or these photo-realistic roses.

    5. You could get more traditional dot work birds and blooms.

    6. Or a dot work mandala blossom.

    7. A flash art raven, nevermore.

    8. Get some hot wheels.

    9. Or a friend from a galaxy far, far away.

    10. Try a Tyger Tyger, burning bright.

    11. Or a simple anatomically-correct heart.

    12. Why not become a canvas for some abstract flora.

    13. Or some abstract wildlife.

    14. You could get a mehndi-style Rabbit.

    15. Show off your very own Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    16. Or a traditional flash art swallow.

    17. Decorate yourself with a floral ornament.

    18. Join the masquerade ball.

    19. Or go for a Venetian-style mask.

    20. Get a hand-poked geometric sleeve.

    21. Or a honeycomb-inspired sleeve.

    22. Get a cool little stag beetle.

    23. Or a delicate lace bow.

    24. How about a mehndi-style underbra.

    25. Or this rose & mehndi underbra.

    26. A butterfly on your stomach.

    27. Or a moth.

    28. Get a dot work flower.

    29. Or a bouquet of dot work flowers.

    30. How about a traditional skull rose.

    31. Or a Mexican-syle sugar skull.

    32. How about a hipster skull.

    33. Or a bio-organic skull.

    34. Maybe a dot work wolf.

    35. Or a line-drawn bird.

    36. Or even a bird in a (geometric) cage.

    37. Something more traditional, perhaps?

    38. Like this classic flash art anchor.

    39. Or this rose with shackles.

    40. Or this figure-8 knot.

    41. Is this the seed of an idea?

    42. You could keep it classy with a gentleman pigeon.

    43. Or go old school with a Tyrannosaurus skull.

    44. You could get a detailed deer.

    45. Or a dot work deer.

    46. Or a deer mandala.

    47. So whether you go abstract, like this lynx...

    48. Or with traditional dot work, like these flowers...

    49. A black and gray tattoo will be a great beginning to your addiction, or addition to your collection.

    H/T UKTTA and BTA.