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24 Pictures That Will Give You A Guaranteed Bedgasm

Bedgasm (n): a feeling of euphoria experienced when climbing into bed.

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First things first, just what exactly is a bedgasm?

Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

1. It feels best when you're tired and stressed.

3. Your skin starts to tingle.

4. You let out a deep, satisfied sigh.

6. The soft furnishings feel so, so good.

7. Your back arches, your toes curl.

11. It feels like you’re floating.

12. All your troubles drift away.

13. You lose yourself in the moment.

14. You roll over, curling up, finding the right spot.

15. Until you’re writhing around, moaning.

16. In pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

20. Your whole body tenses up.

21. You let out a deep moan.

23. Your urges sated, it’s time to sleep.

24. In uninterrupted bliss.