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    27 Accessories Nobody Will Believe You Bought For Under $20

    You like my ring? Gee thanks, just bought it for under $20.

    1. A stunning set of gold huggie earrings that will let everyone know you have your accessory game on lock.

    2. A curvy, swirly statement ring for when you want to add a real ~twist~ to your look. It's handmade with gold brass wire, so it won't tarnish on you.

    Model wearing swirl wire rings on all five fingers

    3. An adorable coffee cup pin to add some flair to your trusty denim jacket while getting your creative juices flowing.

    Coffee cup-shaped pin reading "Creative Juice" next to full-size coffee cup

    4. A set of pearl stud earrings that are fancy enough to keep the compliments flowing but inexpensive enough to keep the buyer's remorse at bay.

    Amazon reviewer wearing Pavoi pearl stud earring

    5. A comfortable headband in a stunning shade of 🍏 apple green 🍏 that will bring on all the spring time vibes and still carry you through the summer.

    6. A cute pair of butterfly earrings for when you're feeling particularly in touch with your inner child ... or just want to fly away from all your responsibilities.

    7. A beaded bracelet made of blue goldstone, which is meant to increase confidence and heighten wisdom so you can feel your best while looking your best.

    Model wearing Blue Goldstone bracelet

    8. A cute gold-plated anklet, because sandal season is upon us and flip flops shouldn't be your only summer accessory.

    9. A pair of earrings with a moon-shaped charm that will have you feeling like a Sailor Scout channeling all of your moon prism power.

    Model wearing star and moon-shaped earrings

    10. An easily adjustable and dainty gold cuff bracelet that manages to be delicate and eye-catching at the same time.

    Asos cuff bracelet with leaf and ball detail

    11. A highly-rated and super stylish watch so you can finally stop taking out your phone just to see what time it is.

    12. A trendy monogram necklace that's perfect for anyone looking for a statement piece with a personal touch. It also might just become your go-to gift for the jewelry lover who has everything.

    13. A stackable ring that's so affordable you'll be tempted to pull an Ariana Grande and buy six more for your crew.

    14. A minimalist lightning bolt necklace to add a real ⚡️ spark ⚡️ to your accessory collection.

    Mannequin wearing lightning bolt necklace

    15. A pair of handmade earrings with a rustic wood design and a hummingbird laser engraving for an extra dainty touch.

    Closeup of two wooden hummingbird earrings

    16. A layered bracelet that's timeless enough to go with basically any outfit, yet eye-catching enough to turn some heads.

    Model wearing layered gold bracelet

    17. A pair of classic hoop earrings made for sensitive ears, because saving money shouldn't lead to an allergic reaction.

    18. A layered 18-karat gold-plated necklace that will glimmer in the summer sun or brighten up a cold fall day — so you'll be reaching for it all year long.

    Model wearing layered necklace with disc design

    19. A shimmering thumb ring so you can add a little ✨ sparkle ✨ to this often overlooked digit.

    Asos thumb ring with crystal design

    20. A pair of best-selling huggie earrings that people will think you spent 5x the price on.

    21. A ring featuring your zodiac sign constellation, which is more meaningful than any designer label.

    Model wearing 12 zodiac constellation rings on two hands

    22. A pair of chic sunglasses that look designer at first glance, but are so inexpensive you won't have to feel guilty about inevitably losing them.

    23. A sparkling tennis bracelet that will only cost you about $15, but makes you feel like a million bucks.

    24. A customizable bar necklace you can have engraved with your name, because self-love never goes out of style.

    25. A tote bag that's spacious enough to carry literally everything you could ever need and comes in over 100 colors, so there's bound to be one that fits perfectly in your wardrobe.

    26. A waffle-knit beanie to get you through the rest of winter with some extra warmth without the extra price.

    27. And a scarf that can also double as a comfy shawl, so you'll basically have a built-in blanket on you at all times.

    model wearing the scarf in tan

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