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    • danielb106

      A nation like this one so embroiled in war and nationalism. It is good to see some kindness from everyday people, take it to a global level though because there are people overseas getting limbs blown off which we have been responsible for in the pursuit of fossil fuels, I mean in the pursuit of ‘terrorists’ and ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Sustainable alternatives to living are ever present and more people need to get on board these ideas because they are an active and creative approach to healing the world and each-other rather than dwelling in the ways of the old which where once revolutionary and amazing, we couldn’t be where we are today without them but now, if anything (i enjoy a good word play) to continue living the way we do is to hold the real weapon of mass destruction and it’s all in our everyday choices ;) Cute images though :)  Sorry if I’m being negative here. 5,6, 27, 28 & 31 where the only good ones I thought & 29 was pretty cool too.. but yeah, penises would end up all over that thing, no doubt. - Rob coming down the staircase.. who are you Rob? what are you about? lol I’m not about to encourage a stranger who could have some questionable habits, he needs to find his own energy from within rather than disturbing people.. go away ROB! - Nirvan, that guy taking special interest in the little boy… in a country which loves rape, raping land, each-other.. (don’t worry, my country is the same) children need to be more careful allowing a stranger to film them as this could-be gentleman did. - In reality cancer is sad as we all know, some know more than others :( but there are cures which have been around since the dawn of time, just as there are simple alternatives to fossil fuels. The girl is a hero none the less, “just keep swimming” perfect way to approach life, especially going through big scary things like this - Some junky probably pulled up at the bowser and took all those scratchies lol - That ‘cutest couple’ will probably go home and bash each other after ol pop’s had his routine amount of beer at the game, on their way home they will probably see a few brawls with their fellow red shirt wearing gang members vs the opposing team. multiple innocent by-standers will be injured <-this will indefinitely happen at some point in the evening as a subsequent of alcohol related consumption coupled with our pride in stadium games.

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