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    • danielaf4

      I came out to my parents when my mom found me crying about how my sister had taken our “friend’s” (my ex-girlfriend’s, her BFF) side in our “argument” (read: break-up). She called my sister to yell at her that family always comes first, and to come right back home, which is when my sister told our mom to ask me exactly what it was that we’d fought about. I started sobbing and managed to gasp out “Mom, I’m gay”. At this point she’s hugging me, mostly worried I’d suffocate from how hard I was crying and she said “so what?”, which clearly didn’t have me crying any less. My dad, who up until then had been wisely hiding away from the sheer amount of teenage angst and estrogen, finally came out of his room to ask why I was crying. I told him I was gay and his answer was also “so what?” Almost a decade later, the memory still makes me feel ridiculously happy, and loved.

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