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12 Damn Good Reasons Why Winter's A Great Time To Visit Brisbane

It's not just the good weather.

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1. Even in winter, Brisbane just doesn't feel ~wintery~.

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Basically, great weather is the main reason to visit Brisbane this time of year. Instead of huddling around a tiny heater, ditch your layers, and remember what a perfect 24°C day feels like.

2. And you get to hold onto that precious sunlight longer.

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While a lot of the country says goodbye to the day before they even get to leave the office, Queensland's lack of daylight savings makes the afternoon feel that little bit longer.

3. You can still drink on rooftops without totally freezing your arse off.

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Catch one of those killer winter sunsets from a roof with good company and an iced beverage. Try Eleven, Elixir, Limes, Sazerac, or Eagle's Nest for the best vantage points.


5. It's still beach weather. Well, fake beach weather anyway.

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Best bring your togs, just in case. Streets Beach is a must-visit, whether it's hot enough to swim or not. Because either way, being by the water makes summer feel closer.

8. Eat Street is open seven days a week instead of six.

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During winter everyone's favourite shipping container food market pops open its doors on Sundays. Swing by between 11am and 3pm for a multicultural feast. The rest of the year it's only open Friday and Saturday nights, so make the most of your Sundays while you can.


9. If you're really craving that tropical heat, you can get your humidity fix at the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

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If it gets tragically cold - by Brisbane standards, anyway - get creative and head to the humid Tropical Display Dome.

10. You can watch humpback whales enjoying their winter swim.

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More than 20,000 of these majestic giants are expected to migrate through Moreton Bay off the shore of Brisbane this winter. Jump on a cruise or head over to Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island for some of the best land-based whale watching in the country.