18 Style Tips That Will Get You Through Queensland's Horrible Winter

    Oh, the hardships of living in the Sunshine State.

    1. Staying stylish during winter in Queensland is tough.

    2. It's just so damn cold.

    3. Sometimes it even dips below 20 degrees. It's almost unbearable!

    4. So here are some practical winter style tips, to help you get through this insane season.

    5. A picnic rug can always double as a jacket when the sun begins to set.

    6. White goes perfectly with fresh green grass.

    7. And sunshine; white goes really well with green and yellow sunshine.

    8. Find those boots you bought last year, and take them out for a spin again.

    9. And don't forget to put that winter scarf to good use.

    10. Tie a jumper around your waist, just in case a cool breeze comes through.

    11. And whatever you do, don't forget that brights are trending.

    12. Winter is the perfect time to explore with bare legs.

    13. Because you can just add a long-sleeve when a little extra warmth is needed.

    14. Don't leave home without a hat.

    15. Because you'll need something to keep that terrible winter sun off your face.

    16. See? Terrible.

    17. Shorts and thongs should be considered a winter style staple.

    18. And the golden rule of winter in QLD? Always pack a swimsuit, just in case.