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Which Badass Ocean's 8 Character Are You?

Let's see what kind of scammer suits you!

  1. If you were part of a jewelry heist, what would your role be?

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  2. If something goes wrong during the heist how would you react?

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  3. If you were arrested, what would it be for?

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  4. If you ever attend the Met Gala, it would probably be because...

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images
  5. What would you wear if you could walk the red carpet?

  6. Pick a hairstyle for the Met Gala:

  7. Pick a Cartier piece:

  8. Pick a lipstick:

  9. Order a drink:

  10. If you made millions of dollars overnight, what would you do?

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  11. How would people describe your style?

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