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23 Ways To Deal With Boob Sweat This Summer

No more boob soup for you.

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It's hot outside, so we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they deal with boob sweat. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Deodorant seems to be a "magical" way to combat boob sweat.

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"Deodorant is magical. I use it for my lack of thigh gap with dresses, underboob sweat, and of course, its intended purpose. It also works to keep bug bites from itching, but ONLY if you haven't broken the skin." —tiffaniambert

2. If that hasn't worked for you, try your luck with gel deodorant + anti-chaffing gel.

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Secret Clear Gel Deodorant down the middle and across the bottom of my boobileens, then Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel in the same areas. That anti-chafing gel is a lifesaver for big thighs and not too bad as a mattifying primer either.



4. You can use paper towels if you're out of Kleenex.


"If you know it's going to be a very sweaty day, roll up a square of a paper towel and tuck it underneath your boobs. It absorbs the sweat and helps with chaffing." —mindyy40900b874


8. Give bra liners a try.


"They are absorbent strips of material that you put between your band and skin. They're washable and reusable. They're also called tummy liners, wick'ems, belly bandits, etc. I always let mine line dry instead of using the dryer, and they last much longer." —jaip4b2fdbb13

9. Or make panty liners multitask this summer.


"Panty liners (the ultra thin, cheap ones) placed right along the wire. Sweat it out and discard. I tried the cloth bra liners, but I can't stand them once I've sweated them out." —rivkahughes


11. If you're picking out a summer bra, you have to go for cotton.


"TBH, I'm a mail carrier in Kansas where the heat and humidity are higher than Snoop on 4/20. Cotton bras are the best, the kind with padding will soak up more sweat. But your chest, and your boob crack, don't be embarrassed just let them sweat." —pawlover21

13. Pure Romance's Between the Sheets is a powder-based linen spray that can also help with boob sweat.

"It's great for that 'Mountain Dew' in the bra cups and the chub rub between the thighs. I don't leave home without it!


You can get it from Pure Romance for $18.

14. Cover your boobs in powder like two beignets this summer.


"1. Powder em' up! (I don't suggest deodorant because of the aluminum in it.) 2. Don't wipe under your boobs. You'll dry the area only to put your wet bra right back on it and it will feel AWFUL. Just endure the wetness until you can get out of the bra. 3. Watch for yeast growth and treat the are if you think you've got a rash. 4. Wash your bras frequently. Depending on the amount of sweat on the bra and how long you've had it on. I wash mine every 2-4 wears in the summer if I'm sweating a lot. 5. Rinse off at night or whenever you can if your excessively sweating. Make sure your giving the girls a good wash." —erins45c7d8cda


15. Baby wipes will be your boob's oasis during the hot, hot summer.

When possible, take a baby wipe, go somewhere private, and wipe underneath. It does not stop the sweat, but you feel better after. Also, if you work in a bar or restaurant, try to hide in the walk in freezer whenever possible.


16. You can also clean them up with a little hand sanitizer.


"I use baby powder underneath and between my boobs with a little deodorant between as well. But my sure-fire way to deal with it once it is already sweaty is to duck into a bathroom and apply some instant hand sanitizer to the sweaty areas. The alcohol kills odor-causing germs and instantly dries the area. It's pretty amazing." —lisat434df41f6

17. There's actually a product for boob sweat called Fresh Breasts.

"There's a product called Fresh Breasts that goes on like a lotion but dries as a powder. Life. Changing. They also make a male version called Fresh Balls." —clandahlina

You can get it from Amazon for $11.29.

18. The same company that makes Fresh Breasts, also makes one for men called Fresh Balls, which also seems to work for boob sweat.

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"Summer heat DDDs = horrible rashes. This stuff is amazing! Goes on like lotion but isn't sticky and dries like a powder but doesn't leave any residue. It's a lifesaver! —brendac14

You can get it from Amazon for $11.89.


19. Sweat Block wipes do exactly what their name implies.

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"I use this product called Sweat Block. It's a box of individual antiperspirant wipes. I carry a few around at all times, because the nefarious boob sweat can strike at any time. It also works on the areas around your lady bits (because lets be honest, sweat happens between the legs when you are sitting outside in the sun)." —jacquelyng4694f024f

You can get them from Amazon for $19.99.

20. Of course, the responsible thing to do is ask your dermatologist for a solution.

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"My dermatologist prescribed me a cream baby powder that worked SO WELL. It doesn't necessarily stop you from sweating, but it protects your skin from getting those little bumps and sores, and helps get rid of existing ones." —ampsincl96


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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