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11 Of The Most Unusual Spa Treatments Around The World

Some of these involve fire and snakes. H/T BeautyFlash.

When is comes to relaxation a skincare, it's safe to say a lot of people will probably try everything once, right?

Welp, turns out that a lot of spas go the memo. BeautyFlash, a UK-based online retailer, made an infographic showcasing some of the most ~interesting~ treatments around the world.

If you visit Japan, you can try an anti-aging wine bath, which will help with inflammation and circulation.

Or if you're more of a foodie, then give the ramen noodle bath a try. The broth will cleanse your skin and boost your metabolism.

In China, a facial involving literal flames will help reduce wrinkles and muscle pain.

You can turn into a wood-fired pizza* by trying a kiln sauna in South Korea. Here, you'll sweat out all of your toxins.

If you ever make it to Bali and aren't deadly afraid of snakes, you can try a "relaxing" python massage. They basically throw a bunch of snakes on your back. Their moves, along with your fear, will help your metabolism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

In Mexico, they'll massage your body with cacti and tequila.

Chocolate *can* be good for your skin. In Hershey, Pennsylvania, you can get covered in chocolate fondue all in the name of nourished skin.

If you're looking to reduce pigmentation, and want a more youthful appearance, just bathe in sake.

You can take a warm hay bath in Italy, which will help if you're feeling sore or want a detox.

In Finland, you can try Cryotherapy, which has become a bit more mainstream recently. You basically step into a freezing chamber with temperatures as low as -110°C (-166°F).

And in Russia, they'll cover you up in olive oil, hit you with leaves and branches, and then rinse you off with freezing cold water. This is all good for your skin though.

So, would you treat yourself to any of these?