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22 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed Your Star Sign In A Relationship

Leo needs to chill the f out.

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1. First things first: What is love?

2. The signs most likely to fall for someone quickly:

3. And how awkward they get:

New Line Cinema

4. How signs protect their feelings:

5. Their tone when they text:

6. Reasons why each sign is forever alone:


7. How they act when they catch feelings:

8. The shy PDA lovers:

9. How they react to those three little words:


10. What they each do if they fuck up:

11. How difficult signs are with their significant others:

12. Their communication skills:


13. How needy they get once they're in a relationship:

14. How signs recover after being rejected:

15. The "it's fine" squad:


16. The gullible lovers:

17. The terrible and great texters of the horoscope:

18. The most stubborn, and therefore annoying, signs:

19. The ones always publicly embarrassing themselves:

20. The one's that don't make empty promises:

21. The thinkers who became drinkers:

22. And finally, the most important thing, compatibility:

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