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    19 Fashion Trends That Took It Way Too Far

    I guess being extra is in style.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the worst fashion trends they've seen. Here’s what they had to say:

    1. People are not down with bathrobe fashion at all.

    "People are wearing their Netflix and chill outfits on the street! This trend needs to stop or there will he no line between beach and street." —zbeckfashion

    2. They feel like fancy athleisure shouldn't be a thing.

    "Track pants and heels... I don't mean leggings... I mean literal sweatpants or track outfits being dressed up and paired with heels. You don't look trendy, you look ridiculous. Stop that." —dundermifflinfinity

    3. Leave denim, on denim, on some more denim, to Justin and Britney.

    4. And zippers on sports bras make people a little nervous.

    "Sports bras with zippers in the front. The zippers on my pants fall down, god forbid that zipper fails me too when I'm working out. Why are sports bra zippers a thing???" —cobaltlane

    5. Ripped clothing seems to piss everyone off.

    "Like half of Rue 21! Seriously, my sister spent nearly $40 on a pair of shorts like these! They sell shirts with what looks like moth holes in their 'destroyed' series! Wtf?" —actuallyinsane

    6. And it's fair to say everyone is a little confused by these expensive mud-stained jeans.

    "Like, wtf I'm not paying for that, I'll just buy some cheap ass jeans and get 'em dirty myself smh." —aribelle13

    7. T-shirts with dumb sayings should never be worn intentionally.

    8. People have been over the ~cold shoulder~ look since the '90s.

    "Tops missing the shoulders. Ew. No. They weren't cute in the '90s and they aren't cute now." —megddeville

    9. And no one asked Teva and Uggs to collaborate and make a weird shoe.

    "When Teva and Uggs combined to make a truly interesting shoe." —monicap3

    10. When it comes to pointless trends, clear pants seem to be king.

    "Those clear pants that have been circulating social media recently. There is literally no purpose for them and they cover nothing! You have to wear shorts underneath the clear pants, so what's the point of wearing them in the first place??" —Giorgina McKay

    11. Clear boots aren't popular either, and they're kind of gross.

    "Probably those clear, thigh high plastic boots that Kanye came out with in his ...ahem.. fashion line. They're like a millennial version of the plastic jelly shoes but worse. There's nothing attractive about see through boots, especially when they steam up from your hot nasty feet." —vickimontoya5

    12. Or anything Kanye makes for that matter.

    "The whole line by Kanye West, actually." —drprajpatil

    13. Even openminded people can't wrap their heads around Crocs and socks.

    14. And hoodies with nothing but sleeves are confusing and pointless.

    15. Finding something you actually like, and quickly realizing it has something stupid on it, is a struggle most can relate to.

    16. Heelless heels are not a cute or practical trend.

    17. And camo should only be worn if you're actually trying to hide from your enemies.

    "I think wearing camo as fashion/street clothes is hideous." —chrismarie242

    18. Normcore and grunge style is definitely not for everyone.

    "Anything 'Norm Core' or 'Grunge' is literally intentionally ugly and I don't understand why people want to wrap themselves in beige sacks. Every time I go to the mall, I see girls everywhere dressed like my dad in 1996. Why does everyone want to dress like Jerry Seinfeld now?" —byndilaupsteen

    19. And the whole ~fuckboy aesthetic~ should just disappear.

    Style can be such an interesting concept sometimes.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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