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19 Fashion Trends That Took It Way Too Far

I guess being extra is in style.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the worst fashion trends they've seen. Here’s what they had to say:

2. They feel like fancy athleisure shouldn't be a thing.

"Track pants and heels... I don't mean leggings... I mean literal sweatpants or track outfits being dressed up and paired with heels. You don't look trendy, you look ridiculous. Stop that." —dundermifflinfinity


3. Leave denim, on denim, on some more denim, to Justin and Britney.


"Wearing denim on denim... over some more denim, and some more, until you're pretty much drowning in it. I just hate that there's absolutely no contrast. If you put in some effort, and some color into your outfits, you'll look a lot more fashionable. In my opinion, too much denim just looks lazy, and not put together." —katherines468a12996


7. T-shirts with dumb sayings should never be worn intentionally.

"Unless you were unfortunate enough to receive one of these for Christmas by some long-lost aunt, you have no business owning an tasteless t-shirt with a cheesy saying." —evp

10. When it comes to pointless trends, clear pants seem to be king.

"Those clear pants that have been circulating social media recently. There is literally no purpose for them and they cover nothing! You have to wear shorts underneath the clear pants, so what's the point of wearing them in the first place??" —Giorgina McKay


11. Clear boots aren't popular either, and they're kind of gross.

"Probably those clear, thigh high plastic boots that Kanye came out with in his ...ahem.. fashion line. They're like a millennial version of the plastic jelly shoes but worse. There's nothing attractive about see through boots, especially when they steam up from your hot nasty feet." —vickimontoya5

13. Even openminded people can't wrap their heads around Crocs and socks.

Twitter: @socksncrocsclub

"I can stand a lot of fashion trends because I think that some things fit certain people and look good, BUT I will NOT stand for someone wearing crocs and white socks unironically." —Dasin Nisad, Facebook

14. And hoodies with nothing but sleeves are confusing and pointless.

"I'm still wondering who thought it was practical to wear a hoodie with 90% of the hoodie gone. I still can't believe multiple online stores produce and sell these stupid things." —samir414585a3b


15. Finding something you actually like, and quickly realizing it has something stupid on it, is a struggle most can relate to.

Twitter: @triannadowning

"It's a minor thing but I hate sayings on shirts. You find a cool shirt and then it says something like 'I'm a taco!' on the back. Why?!" —Anna Kaptur, Facebook

18. Normcore and grunge style is definitely not for everyone.

"Anything 'Norm Core' or 'Grunge' is literally intentionally ugly and I don't understand why people want to wrap themselves in beige sacks. Every time I go to the mall, I see girls everywhere dressed like my dad in 1996. Why does everyone want to dress like Jerry Seinfeld now?" —byndilaupsteen


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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