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People Have A Lot Of Feelings About These Clear Yeezy Boots

"Feet steaming up like some snow crab legs."

You've probably seen these clear Yeezy boots all over social media, or at least a version of them.

An ankle-length version of the boot retails for $699.

They look great on Instagram, but in reality, they might be kind of gross.

Why do people want those clear plastic boots? Ya feet gonna get hot in the club & steam ya whole damn shoe up

Because duh, our feet sweat, so where does all of that heat go????

yeezy's clear thigh high boots look so lit but imagine all the steam u'd get through the boots when u sweat smh


The entire boot steams up like a gross ziplock bag that's been left out in the sun.

How bad is it?

Enough to boil your feet like shellfish.

Feet steaming up like some snow crab legs


Or to make them look like raw meat.

I dont understand these clear boots that steam up and make your feet look like raw chicken. Can someone explain....

And people are over it.

Y'all feet be sweaty in those clear boots and I'm sick of it

But if these boots are so awful, why do we keep seeing them everywhere????

Everybody can't hate those clear boots bc I keep seeing them everywhere