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This Anti-Distraction Helmet From The 1920s Is Creepy But We Kinda Need It

"The Isolator" was made to block distractions and help people focus.

"The Isolator" was a helmet invented by Hugo Gernsback back in in 1925.

Gernsback wore many hats, perhaps that's why he needed a helmet to help him focus. He was an inventor, writer, editor, and magazine publisher, who was responsible for introducing a rather ~scandalous~ magazine at the time, Sexology: The magazine of sex science.

So, back to "The Isolator." This creepy helmet which sort of resembles a gas mask, was marketed as a tool to help block distractions.

Gernsback claimed that the helmet reduced distracting noise by up to 95 percent. So basically, whoever would put this helmet on was completely ~isolated~ from sound. The small eye cut-outs also helped wandering eyes concentrate on whatever was right in front of them.