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There's A Prosecco-Flavored Edible Nail Polish Because Why Not

I wonder what nail polish hangovers are like.

When you think of prosecco, there are certain things that come to mind: Boozy brunch, bad hangovers, a Real Housewives of NYC fight...

Now, thanks to Groupon UK, you can add nail polish to that list.

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Groupon UK is celebrating Mother's Day by creating what they claim to be prosecco-flavored, zero-calorie, lickable nail polish.

The promotional video is pretty standard, but shit gets weird when the model suddenly licks the ~boozy~ polish. You know, because up until now, eating nail polish was not really a thing.

If this piques your interest, you're in luck. You can win a free bottle of "Prosecco Polish" by entering Groupon's sweepstakes, but there's a catch: It's only open for users with UK addresses.